'The Guest House' provides a number of activities for our visitor's, both indoor and outdoor;

Indoors - the house has a cd stereo with a variety of music available, it has several tv's, 2 dvd player's with a variety of movies, there is a nintendo game player with several games as well as a game box with several games.  There are also a number of family board games and a number of puzzles to keep every one busy into the wee hours as well as a large selection of reading materials.

Also, in an adjacent quonset there is a mini-museum for your viewing enjoyment as well as more table top games, two dart boards, floor shuffle-board, a pool table, a foosball table and a piano for a group sing-a-long.

Outdoors - the ten acres of yard space provides a wide range of activities.  There is a patio next to the house for relaxing in the sun, a picnic area with a fire pit to roast hot-dogs and marshmellows, or to sing campfire songs around or just sit back, listen to the crackling fire and stare up at the nightime stars.  There is lots of open space for playing games like soccer, field(grass) hockey, lawn croquet, horseshoes, frisbee games, ball games or almost any other recreational activity that you can think of!

Also, the coulee along the south end of the property provides a wonderful hike down into the coulee, around a small pond, through the tree's up the far side and back out again.

Rain or shine, you can always find something to entertain you while a visiting 'The Guest House'!